Alex Dmitrienko

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Dr. Alex Dmitrienko is Founder and President of Mediana Inc. He has been involved in clinical trial statistics for close to 20 years and worked at Eli Lilly and Company (Research Advisor, Center for Advanced Statistical Expertise) and Quintiles (Vice President, Center for Statistics in Drug Development). He has been actively involved in biostatistical research and has published over 80 papers on multiple testing procedures, adaptive designs, subgroup analysis and analysis of safety data in clinical trials. He has authored/edited two SAS Press books (Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS and Pharmaceutical Statistics Using SAS) and a Chapman and Hall/CRC Press book (Multiple Testing Problems in Pharmaceutical Statistics). He has taught over 30 short courses, including an award-winning full-day course on analysis of clinical trials at Joint Statistical Meetings. He has served as an Associate Editor for The American Statistician, Statistics in Medicine and Biometrics. He was elected a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2009.

Dr. Alex Dmitrienko has received the Excellence in Continuing Education Award from the American Statistical Association for a full-day course first offered at Joint Statistical Meetings 2005.

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