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The Instant Training Program program provides convenient and inexpensive training options for biostatisticians, statistical analysts and clinical trial scientists around the world. Instant Conferences and Instant Short Courses included in this program are accessible at any time and in any place.

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Instant Conferences and Instant Short Courses

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The set-up for the Instant Training Program is very straightforward. It does not require any additional hardware or software and works on any PC or Mac computer with a high-speed Internet connection as well as multiple smart phones. The Instant Training Program has been tested for the following configurations:

Computers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (and later versions), Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (and later versions), Google Chrome 8 (and later versions), Safari 4 (and later versions).

Smart phones. Compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems.

Minimum system requirements

The Instant Training Program requires that JavaScript should be enabled in your browser. Before attending Instant Conferences and Instant Short Courses, it is important to verify that the minimum system requirements are met.

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